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01 Apr, 2019
Une histoire de passions

Une histoire de passions

It is in Georgia – country where we find the first traces of the history of the vine, 7000 years ago that we must look for the origins of the Maison Louis Max. Country of origin of our founder Evgueni Louis Max, for whom the passion for Bourgogne wines is transmitted from father to son, the notoriety of Bourgogne having already crossed the borders. Arriving in France during the battles of the Tsar's army, he discovered this region for the first time and fell in love with it. In 1859, once the war was over, he chose to return to settle in this place which deeply impressed him. He then started a Bourgogne wine trading activity in Beaune then in Nuits-Saint-Georges. He particularly explores the richness of Bourgogne grape varieties: Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay who express themselves on these terroirs like nowhere else.

13 Apr, 2022
Découvrir nos vins de Bourgogne

Un ancrage dans le territoire de Bourgogne

Year after year, Maison Louis Max cultivates and perpetuates the vision of its founder. The savoir-faire of its team is based on an in-depth knowledge of the different terroirs and "Climats" of the region, thus giving it the reputation of experts in selecting the best wines of each village in Bourgogne.

13 Apr, 2022
La meilleure sélection des vins de Bourgogne

Un nouveau chapitre

Building on this heritage, we are writing a new chapter for Maison Louis Max, which is now refocusing on its core values: this meticulous selection skills on the Bourgogne appellations that have built our reputation. We have been able to adapt our approach and our expertise to other terroirs, in the Côte du Rhône and in the south of France, a unique feature of Maison Louis Max. Our motivation: share the taste and love of Bourgogne wines.

07 Feb, 2023
Collaboration Louis Max & David Duband

Collaboration Louis Max & David Duband

NSG VINS en partenariat avec David Duband, viticulteur renommé en Côte de Nuits, lance une nouvelle gamme de vins Louis Max & David Duband.

Cette union a donné naissance à des IGP d’OC de grande qualité, en Pinot Noir et Chardonnay, cépages emblématiques de la Bourgogne.

Ces cuvées sélectionnées avec soin, sont le fruit du savoir-faire bourguignon et de l’expérience de la viticulture en Languedoc, pour votre plus grand plaisir.

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