Un nouveau chapitre s'ouvre pour la Maison Louis Max

A new chapter opens in the LOUIS MAX story

Backed by a heritage that dates back to 1859, we are writing a new chapter in the history of the LOUIS MAX wine house. Initiated a few months ago with the reinforcement of the teams and talents already present, the Maison LOUIS MAX is refocusing on the fundamentals that constitute its DNA while instilling an […]

Millesime 2021 : les aléas de la viticulture en Bourgogne

Vintage 2021: climatic hazards of viticulture in Bourgogne

Established in Bourgogne for centuries, viticulture is undoubtedly experiencing a turning point in its history. In question ? climate change which brings many hazards having a strong impact on crops and wine production.While demand remains very strong, these phenomena have a strong impact […]

Les vignobles de la région Bourgogne

Wine tourism in Bourgogne: on the Bourgogne wine route

In terms of tourism, the time is now in search of authentic getaways in search of enriching discoveries, ecotourism, this more responsible and local tourism. The French are increasingly favoring destinations in France for their holidays. For foreign tourists, France remains the most visited country in the world and its notoriety […]

Des vins de Bourgogne éco-responsables

Eco-responsible approach in Bourgogne

Because the world of wine does not escape a reflection and a dynamic oriented towards eco-responsibility, at LOUIS MAX we are sensitive to all the steps taken by certain winegrowers to offer a quality wine whose environmental impact is lesser. From reasoned viticulture to organic farming, from the preservation of biodiversity […]

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